Vietnamese Egg Coffee 5 (2)

This coffee beverage is uniquely sweet and custard-like. It is absolutely delicious! Egg Coffee sounds a little offsetting, but really itis Custard Coffee because the foam top is pretty much a custard. This recipe came to fruition due to a shortage of milk. The owner of a Cafe, Giang, created this substitute in the 1940s, which became a hit since then. Hence, why this drink is also known as Giang Egg Coffee!


Honey Cardamom Latte 5 (5)

The first time I had a Honey Cardamom Latte drink at a coffee shop, I remember being amazed at how delicious it was. Simple ingredients came together to create a feeling of warmth once you have that first sip.No special equipment is required and anyone can make it at home for the fraction of the price!


Cold Brew Coffee 5 (3)

Cold brew coffee can be a very refreshingsummer beverage and it is easy to make.Keep in mind cold brew is not the same as icedcoffee, because it is brewed in cold or roomtemperature water and for a longer period oftime – about 12 hours. So you need to plan ahead!This method of brewing gives you a richer &sweeter flavor. It’s almost like espresso butwithout the bitter taste and acidity of hot coffee.