Hot Coffees


Affogato 5 (1)

The Italian Affogato is the perfect coffee dessert for after dinner! Affogato means drowned and it features two of Italy’s favorite things: gelato drowned in espresso. You can make it with espresso and vanilla gelato, or strong brewed coffee with vanilla ice cream.


New Orleans Coffee 5 (4)

New Orleans in well-known for many unique and delicious food, including its famous Café Noir! It has a special chocolate-caramel flavor, a thick consistency, and an intensely black color. The secret ingredient is chicory, which is a substance made from the dried and roasted roots of bitter perennial herb.


Café con Leche 5 (3)

When Americans travel, they oftentimes find the coffee roast darker than theyprefer. Adding hot milk will give this strong coffee a more familiar flavor. In allSpanish-speaking countries, and many other countries, by simply saying, “conleche,” hot milk will be served. The Mexican version of Cafe Con Lechefollows.


Café Borgia Coffee 5 (3)

café borgia coffee is an authentic Italian recipe. It uses the traditional, strong Italian Roast coffee and combines it with the sweetness of orange. Try this on a leisurely afternoon… perhaps before your next bocce game.


Café au lait 5 (4)

Our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary was spent in Chamonix, France, with
our three college-aged children. In the morning, before skiing, we started the
day with gulps of cafe au lait, croissant and baguettes. What a joy!


Black Forest Coffee 5 (3)

This is a coffee to serve instead of dessert. It is simple to prepare, and theingredients make you think of Black Forest Cake! Use your finest china cups orIrish coffee glasses for an elegant presentation.

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