Pumpkin Spice Latte 5 (3)

Autumn is not the same without a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte! This beverage was made famous by a popular coffee shop chain, and you can buy it today from almost any coffee house in North America. You can dish out a whole lot of money buying this from shops or you can make one at home that’s just as yummy, if not more!


Affogato 5 (4)

The Italian Affogato is the perfect coffee dessert for after dinner! Affogato means drowned and it features two of Italy’s favorite things: gelato drowned in espresso. You can make it with espresso and vanilla gelato, or strong brewed coffee with vanilla ice cream.


New Orleans Coffee 5 (5)

New Orleans in well-known for many unique and delicious food, including its famous Café Noir! It has a special chocolate-caramel flavor, a thick consistency, and an intensely black color. The secret ingredient is chicory, which is a substance made from the dried and roasted roots of bitter perennial herb.


Brandied Cappuccino 5 (1)

Cappuccino goes well with liqueurs. Here’s a very powerful combination. If you want to reduce the alcohol and calorie content, simply boil liqueurs for about ten minutes. Add to espresso, pour into heat-proof glasses and top with whipped cream.


Authentic Espresso or Cappuccino 5 (2)

for this recipe, you’ll need an electric or top-of-the-stove espresso maker. Later in the book, you’ll see a photo of the authentic espresso maker given to me by son, Bob, during his year-long art history study in Florence, Italy. His Italian family used one like this on a daily basis.


Café con Leche 5 (5)

When Americans travel, they oftentimes find the coffee roast darker than theyprefer. Adding hot milk will give this strong coffee a more familiar flavor. In allSpanish-speaking countries, and many other countries, by simply saying, “conleche,” hot milk will be served. The Mexican version of Cafe Con Lechefollows.