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The Italian Affogato is the perfect coffee dessert for after dinner! Affogato means drowned and it features two of Italy’s favorite things: gelato drowned in espresso. You can make it with espresso and vanilla gelato, or strong brewed coffee with vanilla ice cream.

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New Orleans Coffee

New Orleans in well-known for many unique and delicious food, including its famous Café Noir! It has a special chocolate-caramel flavor, a thick consistency, and an intensely black color. The secret ingredient is chicory, which is a substance made from the dried and roasted roots of bitter perennial herb.

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Café con Leche

When Americans travel, they oftentimes find the coffee roast darker than theyprefer. Adding hot milk will give this strong coffee a more familiar flavor. In allSpanish-speaking countries, and many other countries, by simply saying, “conleche,” hot milk will be served. The Mexican version of Cafe Con Lechefollows.

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Banana Frostie

Bananas and coffee…quite a combo. And when you add the ice cream, you’ll
have a real treat…a lunchtime favorite!

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How to Clean A Ninja Coffee Maker

Best Way to Clean a Ninja Coffee Bar If you have a Ninja Coffee Bar it’s important to know how to clean it so you can take care of it immediately after you’re done. That way you’ll keep it running properly for a long time to come.Hi, This is Aliza

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How to Make the Best Coffee in 11 Methods at Home

A good cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for your full day. But when the coffee shops are stopped, relying on a barista to serve your everyday cup may not be an option for you. If that’s the case, you might be looking to brew a

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Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Coffee Beans

[A Definitive Guide to the 4 Main Types of Coffee Beans] Hi, This is Aliza Arzoo, In this article, we will introduce and identify the characteristics of the four main types of coffee beans. If you wanted to know Different Types of Coffee Beans. Read this article carefully First of

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Buying Guide

The best coffee maker with grinder will see you enjoy freshly brewed coffee in next to no time! There are some great coffee maker grinder combo options out there that will not only help you make café quality coffee but save you time and money too…

Are you trying to find the best dual coffee makers? Two-way / Dual coffee makers can make two cups of coffee simultaneously. Typically,  people decision them two-in-one coffee machines. Not only does one control the dimensions but also use different blends and brew types…

Aliza Arzoo

Aliza is a long time coffee enthusiast and blogger, so the project started naturally five years ago. You can find useful information about coffee makers, coffee types, plantations, equipment and even tips and tricks or fun facts.

The article starts with a comparison table of the reviewed products followed by 5 in-depth product reviews. The reviews feature an item description, pros/cons, and key features. Then comes the buying guide which outlines all the pertinent factors to consider before purchasing…

Are you an enthusiastic coffee maker who falls in love with the coffee in the nearby coffee shop? If you feel yourself in this situation, it’s time for you to own a coffee maker right in your home. These reviews will show you the best coffee maker under $100 that can save a lot of your hard…

If you enjoy drinking espresso or a latte, you perhaps already know those trips to your local café or Starbucks can really start to add up. The good news is you don’t need to expend a fortune on an expensive espresso machine for home…

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